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Christopher Elfner

Christopher Elfner

Christopher Elfner

WISHIN Board Chair

Christopher is the Vice President of Bellin Health’s Clinically Integrated Network. In this role, he is driving Bellin into a new payment model where Bellin is paid for achieving patient health and well-being outcomes rather than payments for services performed. This involves contracting in a different way with payers and employers and redesigning our delivery system to deliver higher quality care with a better experience at a lower cost to the patient. Christopher has been at Bellin for over six years.

Christopher is a founding member of the Brown County Population Health Collaborative Steering Committee and has been the lead on data analysis and support. He worked with DHS staff and the other partners on pulling together data on the population commonly served. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of ASPIRO and has been on its Board since 2013.

Bellin Health Partners is an ACO taking a financial risk for Medicare “assigned beneficiaries” which likely include individuals enrolled in Family Care and IRIS in Brown County.

Christopher is also a founding member of the Brown County Community Information System Advisory Board and Bellin is a data contributor to the CIS.

Prior to Bellin, Christopher spent 20 partnering with organizations in distilling data for information for creating knowledge and driving smarter actions. He has industry experience in Business Services, Distribution, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, and Manufacturing.