WISHIN Reaches Out to Pharmacies and Tribal Nations
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WISHIN Reaches Out to Pharmacies and Tribal Nations

WISHIN’s participant network includes almost 2,200 sites of care. WISHIN is reaching out to expand that network in the ongoing effort to ensure all Wisconsin residents receive the best possible health care.



WISHIN CEO Joe Kachelski and COO Steve Rottmann delivered a presentation titled “Advancing the Quality of Care and Administrative Efficiency Through Electronic Health Information Exchange” at the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin (PSW) annual meeting in La Crosse. As pharmacists play a more active role in health care delivery, their access to patients’ clinical history is increasingly critical.

“More access to information would be helpful for everybody,” said Kari Trapskin, Pharm.D, Vice President of Health Care Quality Initiatives at PSW.

WISHIN is positioned to help pharmacists and their teams access important clinical data in a time-saving manner.

“WISHIN has the data you’re looking for,” said Kyle Beyer, owner of North Shore Pharmacy in Shorewood. “We save time by not calling, waiting on hold, or sending a fax and waiting a day for the fax to come back. It’s just more efficient care. It saves patients time and it saves us time.”

Tribal Nations

Kachelski, Rottmann and other WISHIN staff members attended the Civitas Networks for Health National Conference in Maryland. Kachelski participated in a panel discussion titled “Leveraging Interoperability to Improve Care and Services Within Native American Communities.”

Kachelski and the WISHIN team then had a direct conversation with tribal nation representatives when he presented at the Wisconsin Tribal Health Directors meeting in September. He provided background on the history and benefits of WISHIN, specifically addressing concerns
about data sovereignty. Kachelski explained that WISHIN participants determine and control the amount and type of data they contribute to
the network.

For more information about WISHIN and its effort to improve health care in Wisconsin, contact wishin@wishin.org.