WISHIN HIE Summit 2021
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WISHIN HIE Summit 2021


With the unprecedented challenges many have faced, there is anticipation for what is next. 

As you draw near to the final goal of any journey or endeavor, you begin to plan your APPROACH. How will you scale the final face to the peak? How will you prepare to land safely now that you’ve arrived? The theme is an anticipation of something coming that is nearly complete, but also a nod to the idea that there are many angles from which to tackle any problem. If the previous year’s eyes were set on the horizon, the 2021 summit is preparing the final approach.

The 2021 HIE Summit was virtual and we heard from our CEO about all things WISHIN, learned from our peers about how WISHIN works for them and also received updates on what is coming next for WISHIN that will allow you to better serve your patients and members.

Whether you missed the 2021 HIE Summit or just want to catch up on the amazing sessions, you can check them out on our YouTube channel.