WISHIN Assists EMS Providers
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WISHIN Assists EMS Providers

Emergency Medical Service providers often find themselves in chaotic situations in which circumstances prevent them from being able to gather the patient background information they need. Often, WISHIN can be the solution they need.

A group of EMS personnel participated in the most recent “Dialogue with WISHIN. on July 19. These conversations have been organized with various groups to (1) help WISHIN serve them better, (2) plan for new functionality and use cases and (3) encourage information-sharing among members of the WISHIN “club” to help ensure that participants are maximizing the value of their investment in WISHIN.

WISHIN CEO Joe Kachelski and COO Steve Rottmann explained to EMS leaders how WISHIN is enabling “SAFR” interoperability to save them time and give them the patient information they need to do their jobs. SAFR is:

EMS providers told WISHIN the benefits of their participation in the WISHIN “club” go beyond the need to access clinical information in the context of an ambulance transport.  They say that WISHIN is an invaluable resource when they need to access face sheets from their patients’ hospital encounters and insurance and demographic information needed to comply with their reporting requirements.