Dialogues With WISHIN: Local Public Health Agencies and Health Plans
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Dialogues With WISHIN: Local Public Health Agencies and Health Plans

When WISHIN asks its customers to describe the value of participation in the WISHIN network, easy, automated access to important clinical and demographic information through a single “doorway” is often the first response.

While WISHIN has always welcomed questions and comments from its participants, this year, WISHIN is digging deeper. WISHIN is launching a series of “Dialogues with WISHIN” to engage with representatives of participating organizations to (1) help WISHIN serve them better, (2) plan for new functionality and use cases, and (3) encourage information-sharing among the members of the WISHIN “club” to help ensure that participants are maximizing the value of their investment in WISHIN.

Public Health Dialogue

In June, WISHIN CEO Joe Kachelski, COO Steve Rottmann, Project Director Laura Widder, and Director of Population Health and Analytics Matt Gigot led a discussion with public health representatives from across Wisconsin. WISHIN reached out with a survey to determine how WISHIN services are used for public health purposes. The results of that survey formed the base for the “Dialogue.”

Public Health Priorities

Much of the discussion focused on the benefits of WISHIN’s transition to a new technical platform, including the ability to receive updated information on a group of patients or clients in real-time. “We can provide information that will allow you to determine if an intervention has worked,” Gigot said. Participants expressed interest in partnering with WISHIN to encourage more providers in their service area to connect to the WISHIN network.

Health Plan Dialogue

Dozens of representatives from health plans across Wisconsin took part in the first-ever “Dialogue with WISHIN” in May. Kachelski, Rottmann and Widder outlined WISHIN functionality that can save time and reduce administrative costs for health plans.

Health Plan Priorities

Uppermost on health plans’ list of priorities is a more complete provider network, and more complete data-sharing from those already in the network. Rottmann noted that the WISHIN network has grown substantially in the last few years and more data is on the way once the new WISHIN 2.0 technical platform goes live. The network features nearly 2,200 sites of care, including approximately 120 hospitals. Rottmann said many new organizations have contracted with WISHIN over the past 18-24 months. “We have more clients than we’ve ever had and more data than we’ve ever had,” Rottmann said. “The value we are able to provide grows as more data contributors come into the network.”

“Easy to Access”

Dialogue participants widely agreed that WISHIN is “easy to access;” they like that they have the “ability to find information on services that members have received “in one place” instead of having to separately contact multiple providers. They praised WISHIN for “timely notifications” and its ability to provide “accurate quality data.” Next up is a “Dialogue” with Emergency Medical Services entities in July.