National Injury Prevention Day
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National Injury Prevention Day

Guest article by: George M. Lange, MD, FACP, Chair Honoring Choices Wisconsin, Wisconsin Medical Society

National Injury Prevention Day (NIPD) was designated as November 18 in 2020. NIPD is designed to raise awareness about the burden of injury and violence and the need for change. It is dedicated to educating and empowering communities to make a difference in reducing injuries, deaths, and disabilities. Did you know that injuries and violence are the leading cause of death and disability for people ages one to 44? NIPD tries to reduce the burden you or others may encounter.

What can you do for NIPD?

It is strongly recommended you have a healthcare power of attorney.

What’s that, you ask? This is a document you create with the help of a facilitator, trusted person, and witnesses. You may want to enlist the help of an attorney, but that’s optional. Healthcare power of attorney (POA) enables you to direct your health care even if the doctors can’t communicate with you. With this document, you choose an adult person who is aware of your healthcare goals and wishes to speak for you. How does this relate to NIPD? Have you or someone you know had to make decisions
concerning a loved one’s health care when they had to guess what the patient would want?

Wisconsin is not a next of kin state, so the spouse is not automatically the one to make decisions about their spouse’s health care. Maybe your spouse has parents or siblings who would vie to be the healthcare agent. This happened with a patient suffering from dementia who was under my care. The patient’s dementia was severe enough that she could not make her own medical decisions and never completed a health care POA. The husband and daughter both applied to be her guardian. The Judge requested their
plans to provide for this patient who now needed a nursing home. The husband and daughter both submitted plans, and the Judge felt both parties had great plans for the patient. The Judge couldn’t decide who had the best plan and appointed a guardian ad litem. This person didn’t know the patient, her husband, or her daughter. The moral of this story is, “It’s never too early until it’s too late to complete a health care power of attorney.” This did cause strife between the patient’s husband and her daughter.

NIPD also has recommendations for infant and child safety.

NIPD advises that an infant sleeps alone on their back and is in a car seat when in a car. Toddlers should be in a car seat and, when older, a booster seat. You should never leave a toddler or infant alone in the bath, bathroom, or around a body of water. When the child is older, they should wear a bike helmet when riding a bike. All children should receive their immunizations at appropriate ages. If there is a gun in the house, it should be safely stored, and the ammunition stored separately. The above advice is not a
complete list of what can be done to prevent injuries and death, contact your physician for additional suggestions.

You can visit the NIPD website, sign your organization up as a supporter, put a green light on your organization logo, take a picture and send it to National Injury Prevention Day. May you reduce your risk of injury, disability, or death.