WISHIN Pulse: “Unbelievably Helpful” For  Assisted-Living Facilities
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WISHIN Pulse: “Unbelievably Helpful” For Assisted-Living Facilities

The President and CEO of the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association (WALA) sees the WISHIN Pulse community health record as a “uniform information provider” that assisted-living facilities could utilize to address the challenges they face in coordinating care for their residents.

Mike Pochowski says “Getting access to health information for our residents is vital.” Because WISHIN can function as a single doorway to clinical information about residents, even if they are seeing multiple providers, Pochowski says WISHIN Pulse can be “unbelievably helpful.”

Pochowski says electronic transmission of patient records can be a game-changer for his members, with technology supplementing staff efforts and easing the current staffing shortages that Pochowski calls “the caregiver crisis.” He says “Being able to receive and send information electronically is key. The Department of Health Services is very positive about WISHIN and facilities should consider utilizing a uniform information provider.”