WISHIN Welcomes Common Ground Healthcare
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WISHIN Welcomes Common Ground Healthcare

WISHIN welcomes Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC), which has subscribed to the WISHIN Pulse Community Health Record and Patient Activity Reports (PAR).

CGHC was founded in 2012. With 63,000 Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace members, CGHC is one of the largest and longest-tenured ACA individual health insurers in Wisconsin. As a cooperative, its members have a voice in organizational and financial matters.

CGHC Chief Compliance Officer Melissa Henderson is happy to partner with WISHIN. “WISHIN has such a great story and mission and value,” Henderson says.

The stated mission of CGHC is “Putting Members First, Pursuing Better Healthcare.” Henderson says transparency is a key principle for the organization. “Transparency for members, providers, and for payers brings together all of those entities,” Henderson says. “It’s in the best interest (of all) that we have these transparency mechanisms, and WISHIN is the driver for that.”