WISHIN Helps Wisconsin’s Largest Health Plan Achieve Its Goals
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WISHIN Helps Wisconsin’s Largest Health Plan Achieve Its Goals

The director of medical and clinical operations for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin has praise for WISHIN… Kathleen Schoenauer RN, BSM, CCM says WISHIN is “an important tool in our ability to engage our members, to help them understand their health care and meet their personal health care goals.”

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin is the state’s largest Medicaid health plan, serving more than 255,000 Medicaid members and more than 39,000 Dual Special Needs Members across every county in the state. Schoenauer says, “The ability to utilize the information provided via WISHIN has been helpful in coordinating care and services for our Medicaid members. It also allows us to interact with the healthcare providers more efficiently.”

Schoenauer sees promise in having additional healthcare providers join the WISHIN network. “Summaries of care are very helpful,” Schoenauer says. “However, not all health systems are submitting those to WISHIN. We utilize WISHIN to see where members are receiving their care, and then we know which providers to collaborate with to set a care plan and assist members in establishing a plan to manage their health.”

The mission of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin is, according to Schoenauer, to help people live healthier lives and to help make the healthcare system work better for everyone. She says UnitedHealthcare can deliver on this mission through its partnership with WISHIN. “Every year there is something new (in the WISHIN system) that helps us, helps our members, and helps providers.”

The staff at UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin promotes the need for increased data transparency and interoperability when speaking with healthcare providers, and WISHIN is a significant part of this conversation. “I can’t stress enough the value of the information,” Schoenauer says. “Information is key. We use WISHIN every day, multiple times a day.”

For more information on what WISHIN can do for you, go to wishin.org.