WISHIN Celebrates with Nurses and Hospitals
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WISHIN Celebrates with Nurses and Hospitals

May brought us National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week. Nurses and all hospital employees should be congratulated for the life-saving work they do.

WISHIN is proud to support the missions of lifesaving clinicians who work in a hospital environment by providing easy and secure access to information for clinical decision-making and care coordination.

“WISHIN has really been indispensable with its ability to provide the information we cannot obtain through our own (EHR) system,” says Dr. Mark Lodes, the chief medical officer for Population Health at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin. “WISHIN provides a connector to systems outside of our system and gives us insights into encounters that patients have had with providers outside our own health system.”

“I can look at my clients’ charts and keep an eye on them without having to bug the doctor’s office,” says Melissa Smart, RN, owner of home health agency Smart Choice Personal Care, Inc. “(WISHIN) saves everybody a lot of time, it saves us as an agency and it saves doctors’ offices. WISHIN is extremely easy to use.”

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