WISHIN Board Member Gabrielle Rude Is “A Really Big Fan” Of WISHIN
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WISHIN Board Member Gabrielle Rude Is “A Really Big Fan” Of WISHIN

When WISHIN Board Member Gabrielle Rude looks at the future of health care data, she sees WISHIN in the middle of it all. Rude is the President and CEO of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ), a founding member of WISHIN. WCHQ is a statewide group of health systems that use data to promote greater transparency, improved efficiency, and equity in health care. Rude says, “We are interested in partnering with and supporting organizations that use health care data that support our members. I see my job as a link to WISHIN.” Rude says WISHIN moves data, and WCHQ thinks about how to use that data. She says, “Supporting WISHIN has been important in our broader mission in the state.”


As a new member of the WISHIN board, Rude is impressed by what she has seen from WISHIN’s “thoughtful, innovative staff.” She says WISHIN “has good leaders with a long-term focus.”

As the president and CEO of WCHQ, Rude wants to strengthen her organization’s partnership with WISHIN. “How can we partner on this expensive but magical thing called data?” Rude asks. “I am eager to identify tangible ways we can do that. The overall goal is when a
patient shows up in your health system, you can learn about them and their care history so you can do a better job caring for them.”