Meet WISHIN Board Member Jim Lorence
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Meet WISHIN Board Member Jim Lorence

Jim Lorence is one of the newest WISHIN board members, representing the Wisconsin Medical Society (WisMed). And he is excited to serve.

Jim first heard about WISHIN during a conversation with WISHIN board chair Dr. Tim Bartholow in late 2021. “I didn’t know a gosh darn thing about WISHIN, Lorence says. Now that he knows, he wants to make sure the word gets out to physicians across Wisconsin.

Jim is the chief value and engagement officer for WisMed. Jim returned to Wisconsin from Texas in December 2019. He has served as a clinic director in ambulatory settings in both states.

“One of the things I always looked at in meeting with my physicians was ‘what can we do to permit you to provide the best possible care?’ What was paramount to me was improving the patient experience. I think (WISHIN) is an incredible tool to make sure we have physicians that are provided everything they need to provide great care.”

As a WISHIN board member, and through his work with WisMed, Lorence wants to make sure physicians across Wisconsin know about WISHIN. “One of the key things,” Lorence says “is making sure we heighten awareness. This is a great opportunity for us to provide this (information about WISHIN)) to doctors throughout the state.”

“I was so impressed that this (WISHIN) even existed,” Lorence says. “This is so needed. This is an incredible tool that is going to benefit all the residents of the state of Wisconsin.”.

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