WISHIN’s Patient Activity Report (or PAR) provides a daily notification to payers (called the PAR-P) or providers/clinics (called the PAR-C) when their member/patient has had an emergency department (ED) or other hospital visits. The report provides basic patient demographic information (name, address, gender, etc.), encounter metadata (admit date/time, registration date/time, etc.), and high-level clinical data (chief complaint and diagnosis).

PAR-P:  For HMOs and Payers

Medicaid HMOs and other payers may not become aware of their members’ emergency department (ED) or other hospital visits until they receive the claim resulting from the visit, which can be up to 30 days after the event.  During this time, members may have had even more hospital or ED visits. The PAR-P is intended to help decrease the number of avoidable ED visits and related hospitalizations, decrease the number of duplicative emergency room and hospital tests and procedures, enable better care coordination, and connect targeted Medicaid and other health plan members with medical homes.

PAR-C:  For providers and clinics

Providers also have a need to know of their patients’ hospital encounters as soon as possible. The PAR-C report (similar to the PAR-P) enables providers to proactively follow up with patients, address any potentially avoidable hospital visits, and schedule follow-up appointments as appropriate.