Results Delivery to an EHR or to a WISHIN Pulse Inbox

Results delivery – including results for laboratory, pathology, and radiology tests – is a WISHIN service and is something any lab, hospital, or provider participating in WISHIN Pulse can take advantage of. Results are automatically sent to WISHIN Pulse by the performing laboratory or radiology center and are incorporated directly into EHR at the physician practice or clinic.

Results delivery is especially valuable to:

  • Clinics, nursing homes, or other providers that do not share an EHR or Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with the lab that performs the tests.
  • Clinics, nursing homes, or other providers that send their lab specimens to a local hospital to be performed.
  • Hospitals or clinics that send lab orders to reference labs like Dynacare or Quest and need an electronic way to bring those results back into their EHR.
  • Hospitals that perform labs for local providers and need a secure, automated way to deliver those results back to the provider.

EHR integration isn’t required, the results can be delivered to an inbox in WISHIN Pulse where a physician can access and print them. This might be a preferred mechanism for providers with less sophisticated practice systems.

WISHIN can save you time and money by automating the delivery of those results electronically.