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Providers and Clinics

More than 1,000 physician practices and clinics are getting instant, secure access to their patients’ health information when care is provided outside of their offices or health system.  Whether it’s medication lists, test results, or complete care summaries, the information providers need is available electronically, at their fingertips – and it can be for you too!  WISHIN can deliver real-time patient information to your electronic health record (EHR) or you can query for your patient via our secure web portal. Even lab results can be sent directly to your EHR from the performing lab.  The result?  A more efficient way to get the information you need to deliver the best possible care to the patients who count on you.

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Hospitals and Health Systems

WISHIN can help hospitals and health systems reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, improve care transitions, and fill in gaps in a patient’s health history during an emergency.

From medication lists and allergy information to recent test results and immunizations, having critical data at their fingertips gives doctors and nurses the data they need to deliver life-saving care, even when their patients cannot communicate.

In addition, your hospital can automatically share test results, consult notes, discharge summaries, procedures and other vital patient health information with other providers across the state. This can improve transitions of care and help reduce preventable readmissions, which will not only improve patient care but can also help you avoid penalties that can negatively impact your bottom line.


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Nurses and Medical Staff

Critical data at your fingertips gives you and the doctors you support the data you need to better understand the whole health of your patient and make more informed treatment decisions.  Medications, allergies, lab and radiology results, EKGs, care summaries, and other critical patient information is available in WISHIN Pulse so you no longer need to manually track down records and results from multiple providers. 

Whether you’re filling in the gaps on an existing patient or preparing for a new patient, WISHIN can help. 

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Behavioral Health Providers 

Twenty-nine percent of all people with a physical health condition also have a behavioral health condition and 68 percent of adults with a mental illness have at least one medical condition.  As a behavioral health provider you know that patients requiring both physical and behavioral health services have a unique need for coordinated care.  Many times primary-care providers, specialists and behavioral health professionals lack critical information about a patient that can delay diagnosis or result in harmful drug interactions.

With WISHIN Pulse, providers have access to both physical and behavioral health patient information at the point of care allowing providers to better understand the whole health of an individual so they can make more informed treatment decisions. 

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Long Term and Post-Acute Care

Your staff often has to do hours of fact-finding- making countless phone calls and searching through dozens of faxed pages- in order to find the information needed to deliver seamless, patient-centered, high-quality care for your patients. WISHIN is here to help.

WISHIN can help minimize your employees’ time spent searching for data and back to delivering quality care quickly. Access clinical information from participating providers that have seen the patient via WISHIN Pulse or use Direct+ for a quick and secure way to communicate and receive patient summaries from hospitals or other acute care providers. 

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Health Plans

Timely and efficient care coordination is a must for health plans and other payer organizations to truly improve their health, produce the best possible outcomes, and reduce health care costs.  But care coordination isn’t easy.  Incomplete, delayed,  or missing health information about a member can have serious consequences, including medication errors, unnecessary or repetitive diagnostic tests, unnecessary emergency room visits, and preventable hospital admissions and readmissions.  Often, you may not become aware of your members' emergency department (ED) or other hospital visits until you receive the claim resulting from the visit - which can be up to 30 days after the event.  During this time, members may have had even more hospital or ED visits. 

In addition to improving care coordination, timely clinical information on your members can also help reduce the administrative burdens associated with gathering data for quality reporting programs.  Programs like Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set and the Medicare Advantage star rating system strongly encourage patient-centric approaches for member management that require greater access and use of clinical data to reduce adverse reactions and cut down on repeated clinical procedures like laboratory tests and scans.  Often, obtaining the data necessary for reporting in these programs is a manual and time-intensive process. 

If you’re looking for effective and efficient care coordination and to reduce your organizations administrative burden WISHIN can help by communicating your members’ information appropriately, consistently and without delay. 

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Accountable Care Organizations

As an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) your goal is to improve health outcomes for your patient population while also reducing health care costs and increasing the quality of the care provided.  To be successful you need data that can aid in effective and efficient care coordination and data that can be used to analyze and measure your performance. 

With more than 1,100 sites of care participating in our network, WISHIN can provide you and your providers with real-time data for your patient population. 

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Care Coordinators

Patients are most vulnerable during care transitions.  As a care coordinator you know that effective transitions are crucial to preventing complications and ensuring positive health outcomes.  When a patient is transitioned from provider to provider or from care setting to care setting, it is important for all providers treating the patient to know the details of the patient’s prior treatment and medications in order to ensure continuity of care and proper medication management.

WISHIN provides critical, timely data about patients and their encounters to assist providers that are performing care coordination and to help care coordinators working as part of a health plan.

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