WISHIN Provides Hospitals An Immediate ROI
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WISHIN Provides Hospitals An Immediate ROI

Healthcare leaders wrestling with rising expenses and falling workforce numbers don’t have the luxury of being able to invest in something that might pay off years down the road, if at all. As hospitals face the challenge of higher labor expenses and lower patient volumes, increasing efficiency is a must.

WISHIN can help. WISHIN is an EHR-vendor-agnostic statewide health information network connecting nearly 2,200 sites of care – including clinics, hospitals, pharmacies laboratories, local public health departments, EMS, post-acute care facilities and correctional facilities – across Wisconsin and beyond to automate the abstracting process and inform clinical decision-making and care coordination.  

And, with generous incentives available from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) through the end of 2023, hospitals can achieve these efficiencies and connect to the WISHIN network at no net cost – or even a negative net cost.

“WISHIN has really been indispensable,” says Dr. Mark Lodes, the chief medical officer for population health at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin. “WISHIN provides a connector to those systems outside of our Epic system and gives us insights into the encounters patients have had with providers that may be distant or outside our own health system.”

The P4P Incentives

The available 2023 incentive payments fund approximately two years’ worth of each hospital’s subscription fees, and much more in some cases.

Hospitals can qualify for incentive payments of up to $120,000 each for connecting with WISHIN and sharing the following clinical data types:

  1. Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) messages
  2. Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture documents, also known as CCDAs or electronic care summaries
  3. Lab, Pathology, and Radiology results

Time is running short to qualify for these incentive payments.  Contact WISHIN at wishin@wishin.org for more details.